Garage Door Openers Lowes

by admin on January 18, 2012

Garages are home facilities that do not solely host cars and keep them off the road and protected against rain or snow, but they are gaining more and more rooms into the lives of folks who are determined to transfer some of the important stuff in their crowded homes into their garages in order to better manage their stuff. There are also folks who keep their bikes, scooters, motorcycles, lawn mowers or important handymen tools inside their garages – along with a special hangout corner or a spot inside their garage where they can practice with the band. Hence, they also like to keep their drums or keyboards there, for instance, and therefore they need to enjoy all the privacy and security they can get. They need to keep their belonging away from the long hands of thieves and burglars and so they should definitely start by having some cool garage door openers Lowes based.

These garage door openers can prove to be quite handy, as they enable you to safely lock your garage door and open it automatically whenever your hands are busy doing something else, such as driving (think of the times it was pouring cats and dogs and you were out, trying to make the garage door to open without getting soaking wet, parking your car). You could be using such a garage door opener in order to make sure that your personal belongings or all of your memories are going to be nicely guarded and kept safe from water and other dangers at all times, and you shall get to become the owner of your own garage.

Garage door openers Lowes type such as the 3/4-HP MyQ Belt Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup could prove to be quite handy due to its numerous top-notch features. We are solely going to refer to aspects such as the integrated battery back-up that is there to make sure that you shall be able to open and close your garage door without having the fear that the electrical power is down. Also, this garage door opener is CFL compatible and it comes with about 1 watt of standby power. It is going to offer you the opportunity to complete up to 200 watts of lighting and it comes accompanied by a transmitter that uses multi-frequency and which is able to get rid of all the interferences other garage door openers might be experiencing. This way, thanks to the presence of this particular feature, you shall get to enjoy holding better control over your garage door opener and get more performance over some longer ranges.

This particular garage door opener and the best garage door openers Lowes type are the ones that are also able to monitor and close the garage from any remote location inside the house with the help of a system that can be MyQ-enabled. This way, you shall get to boost the degree of security inside your garage and the installation process should not take too long either- usually, in approximately one minute you shall get to install the fiver-piece rail system. Enjoy the timer-to-close feature and never get mad about the sound your old garage door opener system used to make- get one with a belt-driven whisper drive feature.

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