Insulated Garage Doors – A Permanent Solution For Your Garage’s Safety

by admin on July 1, 2012

The garage door being the largest opening of the house is the premier source from where heat creeps out of your house especially when the garage is located adjacent to your house. This occurs as there is no insulation provided to your garage doors; through the minor openings heat or cold can easily penetrate into the garage which will ultimately creep inside your home.

In many cases the garages are situated directly adjacent to a house or part of the house is built upon the garage. In such cases the garage doors are the main culprit in increasing your energy bill when compare to the appliances you use daily.

Providing an Insulated garage door will give you proper regulation of the temperature in your garage. An insulated garage door will give you a stable and warm atmosphere all-round the year. Apart from this the insulated garage doors offer higher security and come which multiple panelling offering excellent durability.

Insulated Garage doors provide excellent security as they come with many panels and are highly durable. Some of the benefits that these garage doors provide are

  • Higher Quality:

These garage doors are built with steel or aluminium proving the best quality and are highly resistive

  • Durability:

The insulated garage come with a three layered panelling which makes them much stronger than other garage doors and provide higher security.

  • Noise reduction:

These doors not only keep you away from the outside noise but also eliminate the noise that is produced while opening and shutting the door.

The major types of insulated garage doors that are widely used are:

  • Insulated Roller Garage Doors:

These types of doors provide not only the insulation feature but also provide other benefits such as the space saving feature and simplicity of design.  They are made up to 18mm thick providing the best insulation to your garage.

  • Insulated sectional Garage Doors:

Insulated sectional garage doors provide the highest security when compared to the other types of insulated garage doors. These doors are up to 42mm in thickness;  a number of interlocking panels hinge together to make up this door.These doors combine a traditional look with all the latest security and design features needed by the homeowner.

If your garage door is still lacking the insulation factor, it’s the right time to replace it with insulated garage doors and enjoy all its benefits.

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