Lowes Bifold Doors

by admin on April 3, 2012

Bifold doors are now popular with many people because of the convenience of being able to allow new living spaces to merge with the garden seamlessly. These doors can add integrity and class to the feel and look of your office or home. They allow you to conserve space and achieve an elegant look which perfectly complements your surroundings. You can get them from home improvement stores such a Lowes, which offers numerous products for home improvement and construction.

Benefits of Lowes Bifold Doors:

The bifold doors sold by Lowes offer a number of advantages. One is that they work effectively and smoothly in all situations. They are attractive and allow you to have lighter and simpler door arrangements for your office or home. They have efficient center hinge and joinery action, which enables them to swing and move easily.

They are also cheap to install since they utilize a thinner material cut. They also do not need complex locking mechanisms for them to function in the right way. Their design allows them to offer lighter security and when utilize in their right environment, they are a hundred percent effective. If you decide to make these doors a part of your interior décor, you have the opportunity to save space and money.

Choosing the right Lowes Bifold Doors:

Even though these doors are effective and reliable, you need to consider certain factors when getting them. You should not just choose them based on how much they cost since there are other important points that you also need to consider. They include the following:

Thermal performance: Most bifold door installations need to comply with building regulations and for this reason, you need to ensure that the bifold door you want to purchase will meet the building regulations set by the local authorities in your area when it comes to overall U-value performance. Current building regulations state that the minimum acceptable U value is 1.8. However, some local authorities insist on lower U values especially for new build extensions.

Glass sight lines: This is the other important feature to consider when getting a bifold door. The width of door profiles or sight line between every panel of the folding sliding door affects the visible glass area that is available when your door is closed. The design of most bifold doors has dedicated profiles, which serve the role of efficiently minimizing the sightlines.

Security: Most bifold doors sold by Lowes come with a locking system that provides adequate security but a majority of them utilize flag or face fixed hinges, which can pose possible security issues and make it possible for someone to remove the hinges from the outside when the door is closed. Some bifold doors made from UPVC can also use a gearing system that is exposed, which makes it possible for a person to access it from the exterior when the door is locked. This poses a possible security threat. It is advisable to get rid of these potential security problems by making sure that you select a folding door that comes with fully concealed hinge and gearing fixes.

Bottom rolling or top hung – Some are designed to be hung from the top allowing for minimum threshold at floor level. However, the weight of the bifold door is supported from the top and therefore it is necessary to upgrade the lintel substantially for durability and strength.

When buying Lowes bifold doors, you should make sure that they will meet your expectations and needs. This will allow you to get the best value for your money.

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