Lowes Garage Doors Prices

by admin on January 18, 2012

Upon making an important purchase such as a new garage door, you should be first considering the type of door you would like to buy, the type of material you would like for your door to be made of and also the price range you would like to revolve around. This article should therefore shed the light upon the matter of the best Lowes garage doors prices you should be considering, as well as the best types of garage doors you might be willing to buy. This can prove to be quite a pricy investment that should prove to increase the value of your home, provided you are going to think about planning to sell your property sometime in the future. A garage featuring a top-notch garage door is definitely going to add a few hundred dollars to say the least to the value of your property, depending on the type of investment you are considering to do right now.

Lowes garage doors prices vary greatly depending on the type of material you would like for your garage doors to be made of: aluminum, steel, a combo between the two, wood or vinyl. Steel garage door, for instance, are normally comprised of both steel and aluminum and they could make you pull around $2,000 for a garage door out of your pockets. If you are thinking about opting for a garage door made of aluminum, you could be looking at some door whose prices could be ranging from $500 to $800, in the case of a simple garage door that does not come accompanied by the proper insulation your garage might need. On the other hand, if you are thinking about opting for the entire package, you could be choosing a garage door made of aluminum that is also insulated and which could be costing you about the double of the simple aluminum door: between $1,000 and $1,400.

Provided you are thinking about ordering some custom made Lowes garage doors and you are interested in custom-made Lowes garage doors prices, you should prepare for some extra expenses and fees that are going to be added to the original prices of these doors. Personalizing your doors in any way is of course going to be costing you more.

Moreover, a single garage door is going to be cheaper as compared to a double or a triple garage door, so you also need to take this aspect into consideration whenever you are thinking about making such an important purchase. Garage doors that are made of steel could be costing you somewhere in between $600 and $800, and this is actually only the case of those simplistic doors that are meant to be installed on a single-car garage. Steel garage doors are actually quite sturdy and therefore they could be “holding” on to your garage for a truly long time. Also, they are not known to be eroding fast, so this is yet another huge positive argument that should lobby for their future purchase.

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