Lowes Patio Doors

by admin on March 14, 2012

Patio doors bestow style and add value to your home. If you already have a patio door you wish to replace, all you need is a moderate amount of DIY experience to complete the job. This will save money. Lowes patio doors extend the saving and offer real value and an immense range of styles.

Before shopping for your patio doors, you must measure the space, taking into account any studs as well as electrical or plumbing lines. This is important even if you are replacing an old door as you may desire one that is slightly larger than your old one. Although you may be able to find larger sizes, most doors are sold in widths between five and twelve feet.

Lowes offers both sliding and French patio doors which open in one direction. There are a variety of options depending on whether you want both of your French doors to open or only one. A key factor to note is the locking mechanism offered on each door. These should be comfortable to use and offer peace of mind with regards to security.

Before you make a final decision, consider frequency of use, security and price. Although the prices may be reasonable, this is still a big investment and one that you are not likely to be replacing soon. You should take the time to consider the extra features you may want along with the style you prefer. Lowes offers doors with in-glass blinds which create convenient privacy when needed.

Lowes has a wide choice of sliding door materials available for you to choose from. Wood doors offer a traditional feel to your home. They are sturdy and usually the most expensive option. If you like the feel of wood inside your home but you are concerned about the elements outside of it, you may want to investigate wood clad doors, which offer a different finish on the outside that is not as susceptible to the weather. Vinyl doors require very little maintenance. These are most often sold with insulated glass and weather stripping. Aluminum doors look like they have just come out of the box for years after installation. They are sold at a low cost, but typically without a lot of other features.

Lowes offers French doors in these materials as well as in steel and fiberglass. Steel doors are resilient and built to withstand the elements without shrinking or warping. Fiberglass doors offer the same strength but are created to look like wooden doors. This is a great material for doors that get a lot of use as they are resistant to scratching while remaining elegant.

When you are ready to hang your Lowes patio doors, take a look at these articles to assist you with the process:

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