Lowes Security Doors

by admin on April 3, 2012

A security door is that special door you have to open before reaching the entrance door. It normally prevents intrusion and it is always made from steel or heavy wood. It has a lockset, a latch and a doorknob. If you are out to purchase any Lowes security doors, understand that locksets and how security doors are constructed are crucial things to bear in mind.

Security door buying tips:

You will need to buy that door which fits well, hence before going to the shop, ensure you get the appropriate measurements. Measure the size of that opening between your brick mold casing. It is the exterior casing around the entrance door that is between the door and the siding. Measuring this will ensure you pick the right door and save you the time, energy and resources which will go into returning an oversize or undersize door.

The best Lowes security doors are the ones that complement the look of your main door. Ensure you choose one that matches the décor style of the existing main door. Although it will shadow the decorative aspect of the existing one, ensure the decorative aspect is not disturbed.

The hardware of your door is another aspect to bear in mind. Some security doors will come with hardware like a door closure and its rest and a door stopper as well. Choose the one with favorable hardware, but it does not mean you make a different choice from what you had planned before. The hardware might also make the door expensive, and in this case, you should just buy the door without them. These can be bought separately and cheaper than having them attached to your door.

Outstanding Lowes security doors will provide strong welded corners. Doors with corners held together by iron will be stronger than the ones with corners held together by plates. In the case of plates which are also known as caps, water can get into them and they will rust in the long run. They can also get lost with time due to frequent use of the door. A galvanized steel door will be an ideal choice since it can withstand rust.

A good security door is the one without a built-in lockset. This is because its doorknob, latch and the spindle have been set within it and this might not satisfy your needs. It is only a heavy-duty lockset which guarantees that the lock is always rigid especially on the outside, preferably if you want the door for commercial buildings. If it is a door for your home, settle for one with a lockset that has a deadbolt protection and that cannot be loosened. Deadbolt protection on locksets keeps any tampering by intruders at bay.

It is a security door; therefore it should not collapse when force is applied on it. This is why you should choose material which is tough enough. Consider whether you want a steel or heavy wooden door. Steel doors are durable, resistant to tears and holes, strong and are also inexpensive. Wooden doors are stronger compared to metal skin ones, and while choosing them, ensure they have a compact wood-core finish that will not rattle or dent. You should also feel you door, to ensure it opens and closes as desired.

Before buying your security door, pay keen attention to warranty. The best security doors should come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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